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A few of the hundreds of emails we receive:

 I keep losing my chrome wheel caps and they are expensive to replace - help!

We now sell the wheel cap that we have modified with a heavy duty aluminum ring with rubber o-ring.  It will never weaken!  See them in our wheels section.

Best Wishes,

Hello!  Love your store!  Do I have to jack up car to install front mud flaps?

You do not need to jack car up to install flap.  It is possible to install with wheel on but kind of hard to do.  Best and easiest to take wheel off.
Best Wishes,
Hi,  I can't seem to find the wheel jack anywhere?

No jack or spare with car.  It originally came with run-flat tires.  Those tires are no longer available.  Best sign up with AAA.
Best Wishes,

My fuel gage doesn't seem to run accurately - What should I do?

Your Chrysler dealership is best place to check it out.  However, they do not have a fuel pump if you need one - we do. 
Best Wishes,


Dear Gentleman:
I recently purchased a 2001 Plymouth (Chrysler?) Prowler.  (Orange)  Not sure if it's considered a Plymouth or a Chrysler?  I understand that Chrysler took over Plymouth in 2001, but then don't understand why my title says Plymouth?
The reason for my email is (your) site states there are 669 Orange and 345 Orange/Chrysler Prowlers?
I'm assuming (which I know what that does) that there are 669 Orange Plymouths, and 345 Orange Chryslers, depending on when they were manufactured. Can you educate me?
Thank you so much.

A general rule of thumb is - If your rear bumper has Plymouth stamped in it – it was built by Plymouth.  If it has nothing on it – it was built by Chrysler.   In addition, the emblem that is on your hood is either a Plymouth or a Chrysler.  There are some exceptions.  However, there is really no meaningful difference between the two.
Best Wishes,


Where can I get front Prowler wheels new?

Chrysler doesn't have them any more.  We bought the last of their stock and have them.  See our Wheels section.
Best Wishes,

I need a radiator fan for my Prowler but nobody sells them?

We now have the Prowler Radiator Fan and assembly made out of aluminum.  It is a direct fit just like the original.    
Best Wishes,



Does Chrysler sell the front fender bracket separate from the fender?

No sorry, you have to buy the whole fender. 
Best Wishes,


 Hello Prowler Store - I am looking the speakers to replace mine that have died.  Where can I get them?

Those stock speakers and stereo system for that matter was discontinued by Chrysler many years ago.  It is now quite obsolete.

Your  best bet is to go down to your local stereo shop that does installs and buy the latest system.  It will also be much cheaper than stock.
Best Wishes,


I have a Prowler and the PCM is not working properly and can not be repaired.  Where can I buy one?
Chrysler does not make Prowler PCM's anymore.
Currently there are none "used" or rebuilt available anywhere. bought the last stocks from Chrysler of the NEW PCM's for all years. 
In addition, we are also able to repair the one you have if you like.    Call us for details.

We recently acquired a stock of Prowler TCM's all years.  First come - first serve.

Best Wishes,

Chris - Can you please tell me the difference between the Plymouth Prowler and the Chrysler Prowler?

Plymouth started making the Prowler in 1997.

They produced it until they went out of business in mid 2001.  At that point it was produced on the same line but with a Chrysler label on it until mid 2002.
There is really no physical difference on the two cars.

Chrysler doesn't make Prowler radiators anymore.  No aftermarket company makes them that fit properly.  What do you recommend?
We have them made in high quality aluminum that are a perfect no-hassle drop-in fit.  Click here to see
I can't get a fuel pump from Chrysler for my Plymouth Prowler, what can I do?

We offer a fuel pump new or rebuilt.  Click here to see it: 
How do I program my own Prowler FOB device:

Click Here for directions:
I can't find the factory part I need for my Prowler?

Chrysler is not making 99% of Prowler parts any more.  They are getting harder to find new or used.  The prices keep going up as well.  We have a pretty extensive network in find factory replacement parts. Let us try and find what you need.  Call us at 352 688 8160 M-F.

I have a 1999 Plymouth Prowler in Black. I am trying to find a matching trailer. Do you know where I can go??

Any Prowler trailer is hard to find.  They occasionally come across our store maybe twice a year.  They show up randomly on eBay maybe once or twice a year.  You will not likely find a particular color.  You will have to have it repainted to match your car.   They often range from $3500-$6500 when they are found.  I have seen them as low as $3000.00 and sold as high as $7500.00.  Timing has a lot to do with it.

Best Wishes,

Hi Chris,
Can you give me a list of mechanics I can contact about repairs
Thanks,  Greg

We always recommend your Largest local Chrysler dealer.
For these reasons:
They usually have the best mechanics for the Prowler.
They are most familiar with the Prowler.
They can get the parts fastest.
And you can hold them accountable for the work. 

Best Wishes,

Chris - where is the best place to try to sell my Prowler I have a purple 99 model with 18,000 miles I want 25,000 for it thanks 
 Jody O.

Best place to sell and buy is to contact us and use our service.  We have stock mint condition low mileage Prowlers in stock and can get you what your order as well.
Best Wishes

How do I buy a trailer?

Trailers were discontinued by Chrysler in 2002.
They are rarely available used.  When they are they can go for as much as $6000.
Only source I know of is to watch eBay.  They appear about twice a year.

I am interested  in purchasing a prowler. Are there any years that are more desirable
than others and are there any problems to look for?
Thank you,
Gary Z.

My preference is years 2000-2002.
They have the latest improvements and upgrades.
Also, review our Information section at:

Best place to buy and/or compare pricing: 

Best of Luck,



Hello Ed,
The Inca Gold was indeed the least popular color made.
The most popular colors were Yellow and Mulholland Blue.  Seconds were Black and Purple.
However, since Prowlers are bought to have fun and provide the owner with enjoyment I would suggest getting
 the color that you like best.
If you are buying a Prowler with resale value in mind, keep in mind that few if any cars are a good “investment”. 
However, the best color to buy for resale is Candy Red.  Only 300 were made for resale and they are much sought after.  The most important aspect for resale value is the mileage.  I usually buy my Prowlers under 2,000 miles.
Best Wishes!


Hi Chris,
I need a top seal that is on the fold down top, passenger side, runs along the top of the window front to back.
Do you have any new or used or maybe a place I could find one?
Thanks, John
2001 Prowler

Hello John,
That is a tough one.  Because the Prowler is no longer built individual parts are drying up.  The factory starts moving to component part packages.  For example to purchase a small piece from a convertible top you would need to buy the whole top.  The first thing I would do is drive down to you local Chrysler dealer, ideally one that works on Prowlers, and show them the part and ask them if they can get it for you.
If not you will need to find a person selling parts from a wrecked Prowler. 
They are often on eBay.
Hope this helps.
Best of Luck,


Hello Chris,
 Viperjoe from the VCA here. I have had this Prowler bug for quite some time (2 Vipers worth) and just have to get this bug out of my system.
  Hope you can give me a quick education here.  Is there any one year that really stands out that I should concentrate on?  Any thoughts on either red or purple?
Are there just basic bolt-ones that make a noticeable difference in performance (cat back, hi-flow air filter, PCM re-program or chip?)  I mentioned the above modifications as I want to be able to return it to stock. 
Thanks for any help and info that you may provide.

I own a Viper and two Prowlers.  Both cars are awesome.
First, we are not affiliated with Prowler Online. In regards to years, there are two generations of Prowlers.

Gen I  Has a slightly less powerful engine.

Gen II  Has interior upgrades such as a electronic rearview mirror, chrome shifter bezel, ext…
In addition, the Gen II has a more powerful engine.  The exterior body is the same on both generations.

One thing I do recommend is get the Chrome wheels.  The earlier models came with cast aluminum wheels.
Chrome was an option. The later models came with chrome.

In regards to color, just like with the Vipers it is your preference. Both have the same resell value.

Of course Purple is the Prowler signature color, like Red is for the RT-10 and Blue is for the GTS.
There are two colors so of Red that were made. Bright “lipstick” red is a standard color. The last 300
Prowlers made in 2002 where produced with a special ‘Candy Red” metallic.  They are worth the most of all the Prowlers.

For engine performance upgrades there is plenty to choose from and like the upgrades for the Viper they

are very expensive.  Of course the Prowler crowd is not into performance as much as the Viper owners.
These cars were built as a novelty sports car.  Although did come with a respectable performance from the factory,
the interior and exterior accessories are more the focus of most Prowler owners.

I have found the best place to purchase a Prowler and to get an idea of pricing is
They have the largest selection anywhere.

You should pay special attention to mileage.  It is more important for resale than it is with the Viper.
I recommend getting a Prowler with less than 3,000 miles on it.  There are plenty out there.
You should be able to buy whatever you are looking for under $35,000.

Best wishes in your hunt.

Hello Chris,
I have a small pin hole in my center of my convertible top.  Do you know a good way to repair this or options to replace the top?Scot Goodman

Hello Scot,
It is an excellent question.
Unfortunately there is no good answer.  Without repair it will only get bigger over time.
I suppose it depends on how picky you are on the fix.  It can be stitched closed, you can glue a small patch under the hole on the inside of your top, you can even use a dap adhesive black silicone.
But the best option is probably to see an auto upholstery shop for advice and/or see what they can do for you. 

Best Wishes!

I would like to inquire about the availability of the polished covers over the coolant reservoir, master cylinder, power steering pump and ac condenser that I see in many of the pictures. Also the polished covers on top of the engine compartment side panels.
Thank you for your interest in our products.
All of the products you see on our concept car are in production.
We hope to have all of these products coming out gradually over the next three months or so.
Keep an eye on our site.  We put the new products on page 1.
Best Wishes!
I need a driver's side front bumper for a 2000 Prowler. Last week you had them for $650.00 and now they are $1299.00!??

Good question!
The reason is because the original manufacturer recently stopped producing them. So Chrysler bid them out.
The company that picked them Up will only be doing small volume for replacements only - since there are
no more production vehicles.
I am afraid you will find this happening more and more with all the Prowler parts.
Get them while they are still available.
Best Wishes!

Hello Chris - I am looking for a way to find out what number my car is in the production lot?  Like 56th of 347. Can I tell this by my VIN number? 

Unfortunately, you can not get that information from your cars VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). I am not aware if this information is even still available.  Your best bet is to write to Chrysler and ask them.
Best of Luck
Hey Chris, I bought the blue one with the light blue pin stripe, the dealer told me that's the top of the line prowler, is that true, I think they called it the Mohallen version. I want to make my prowler look better the next one, do you have a order book on accessories, and is it a good ideal to put LAMBO Doors on, because I know you know the doors don't open that wide?

You made a wise choice on purchasing a Prowler.  They become more rare each year and continue to go up in value.  The Dark Blue
Mulholland Edition was only available in 2001.  It came with a matching blue convertible top.
It is not more top of the line than any other 01 or 02 Prowler.  After 2000 all Prowlers are identical for all practical purposes.  It really comes down to which color you like best.  In regards to value the color with the less produced is more rare and usually more valuable. 
See our Prowler Info pages for more details on how many cars were made per color.
Lambo doors are an expensive addition.  It really changes the image of the car.  The Prowler was designed with the down and dirty
old roadster racers in mind.

The bottom line is you are the who drives the car, make yourself happy.  If you are concerned about resale value save all of your stock parts so that a buyer can restore the car to stock if he or she wishes.
Best of Luck

I want to buy Accessories for my prowler.  My prowler shifts very hard from first to second, that already rebuild the t/m about two weeks ago should I take it back ,it was shifting hard in all the gears before ,so did I miss something, or do all of them do that in first to second.

Prowlers were designed to shift with a noticeable kick as you switch gears - part of its hot rod image.
However, if you feel it is more than just that and it doesn't feel right to you I would definitely take it back for a re-check.

Hello Chris!
I have a prowler trailer.  I would be interested in the new wheels if you can locate them.
Thanks - Jeff

The wheels, the trailers and all associated parts have been discontinued from the manufacturer.
You will have to find them used.  Your best bet is to watch
Good Luck!

Good day!
Do you have a trailer for a 2000, red Prowler?  If so, what is cost and shipping charge?  
Does the 2000 Prowler have any trunk space?  Room for a set of golf clubs?
Sorry we don't sell trailers.
In addition, they are very rare to come by.
The only place I have seen them from time to time is on eBay.
They run over $4,000-$6,000
They usually stay attached to the car they came with during sales.
Best Wishes!
The Prowler has enough trunk space for a couple of suits lying flat. 
Other than that no room for storage.
Door speakers:  Have you ever had any problems with the  door speakers continuing to blow. I have replaced the driver side about a week ago and now the passenger side has blown. I do not listen to the system that loud and would like to know what other speaker you would recommend. Otherwise I am told to replace the entire system which may not be necessary.
Thank you! 
I have never heard of this problem before.
I would consult car stereo specialty shop.
I would be willing to say that once you have replaced both speakers I doubt you will have any more problems like this.
Happy Holidays
As you probably are aware, the engine compartment on the Prowler get pretty darn hot.  Currently Real Rod and TGF have engine side panels for sale.  I'm not particularly wild about either.  Several other Prowler owners have expressed a similar feeling.  I was curious if you had thought about introducing such an item.  I know it's not cheap to make the up-front investment, but thought I'd ask to see if anything was in the works by chance. 
Thanks - Bob
Yes I have thought about it for sometime. 
The problem is what style to choose.
Everyone seems to want something different. 
The main problems is of course is you would have to cut
a hole in your side panel to have a real vent.
I am not sure too many Prowler owners would
be willing to do that. 
The other option is to have a vent that is not
real and sticks to the side.
We are looking into it.  Watch our site for the product.
Can you give me a price on a 99-prowler
passenger rear bumper ?
Part number UW30TS3AA
for new factory made Rear Bumper Passenger side
Note:  this part no longer has the embossed car name/logo on it
Price: $515.00 plus shipping depending on area.
If you are in Florida 7% sales tax. 
Quote good for 30 days. 
This item is not returnable. 
thank you
Can you please tell me which you recommend on the door sills Polished or Brushed?

It really is a preference.  Polished makes the biggest visual impression. 
However, the brushed hold up better to scratches from getting in and out of the car.
I am interested in buying a Prowler.  Where is the best place to look?
thanks - Rev

I have scoured the Internet for Prowlers for years.  The best place I have found is 
they have the biggest selection by far and the best pricing.  You can also get a deal on eBay if you take your time and wait for it.
Best Wishes!
I'm having a problem that you might be able to give me some insight on. The headlight on the passenger side of my 2001 prowler is getting condensation inside the headlight. Can you please e-mail me back and let me know what i can do to solve the problem.  Thank you for your time.   Thank you,  Ken .

This is a problem with all the Prowlers as they get older.  It should not effect the performance of your head lights. There nothing you can do except replace the head light fixture however, it is very expensive. 
Best Wishes!

Can you tell me how much I can get for my Prowler?

It depends on many factors.  Location, current market demand, how many like yours are available, year, color, condition and mileage. 
For example; A 2000 Black Prowler in Excellent condition with 10,000 miles on it in Ohio was just sold for $31,000.
The most expensive and most sought after Prowlers are the 2002 Candy Reds with low mileage in mint condition.
They go for $38,000 - $44,000.
I think that was a fair price.
If you send me the specifics on a Prowler I can give you a price on it.
Best Wishes,

Can you give me a price on a brand new Head light Assembly?
Thanks - Vern

Yes, of course.  We supply all MOPAR Parts.
Retail is $864.00.  Our price to you $$735.00
We can have it in 1-2 days.


Hi - I have a 99 prowler do you have any input on removing the front bumpers

It is generally not a good idea.
First, there is the obvious safety issue upon a front end collision.
Second, it reduces the resale value, unless you are willing to put them back on like stock before you sell it.
Finally, it really ruins the original look of this very special car.


I have a 1999 Prowler and want to know how to make it ride smoother -

Well first, the Prowler was not designed as a luxury sedan.  It is a rough and tumble roadster.
But for any car the ride can depend on; status of the front end alignment, tire pressure, shock condition, suspension damage, and spring condition.
You can effect the ride with any of these.
Best Wishes!

I was looking for a factory issue car cover for my 2001 Prowler…I noticed you didn’t seem to have this selection on your site….any ideas where I might find one?

They are no longer produced and very hard to come by.
The best place to find one is on eBay.  I see one every few months or so.  They are used but usually in good condition.  Expect to pay about $225.00
But I gotta tell you the ones we carry and custom fit and come in colors.  They are a lot better quality than the original Chrysler ones.

Best Wishes!

I have done some research on this and have come up empty handed.
I would encourage our readers to email me with any information they may have on this.
Thank you

Would you have any idea as to the value of a 2000 Prowler Trailer, or where I could find out the value?  In excellent condition.

It is very rare to see them sold by themselves.
About 20% of all Prowlers were sold with this accessory.
However, about a 3 times a year I have seen them on eBay.
They typically go for $5000-$7000 each depending on the shape they are in. 
They are always in demand.
We occasionally have them for sale on our webstore or we can find one for you.  Check out this page: 
Good Luck
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