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Prowler Stainless Steel WIPER COWL COVER
Part#  ACC-822009

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Recommend Professional installation or two mechanically minded people for installation.

Parts included:           

1 x  Stainless Wiper Cowl
1 x  Chrome Washer Fluid Cap w/ attachment cookie
2 x  Adhesive Promoter Packs
4 x  White Nylon Sockets
2 x  Self Tapping Washer Head Screws
2 x  Chrome Bolt 1" Cap Covers


NOTE:  Your new wiper cowl is a unique stainless accessory designed as an overlay to the factory wiper cowl. Professional installation is recommended. Your new cowl comes to you with a protective liner; do not remove until step 8.

  Remove the four bolts securing the hood and set it aside. Be sure to secure the hood on a nice insulated table to prevent scratches.

2.  Remove the two wiper arms by pulling the bolt plugs out of the arms base and unbolt. Carefully detach each of the two washer fluid supply lines and then gently jostle the arm loose and remove.  Remove the washer fluid cap. 

3.  Remove the two screws to the far left and right ends of the factory cowl. 

4.  Prepare the upper edge of the factory cowl just below the rubber wind shield gasket first with household rubbing alcohol to remove any road dirt and grime. Then swipe once along this area with the adhesive promoter provided. This preparation will allow the new cover to attach along this edge for a nice gapless finish. 

5.  Position the new cover over the factory cover and take a look at the fit and overall shape of the new part. Although the new cover comes to you preformed it will be necessary to further shape the unit by hand to achieve a nice contoured fit along the top edge. The unit should sit flush at the center hole and lay flat to the factory holes at both ends. Keep in mind that the very ends of the new covers main body will not exactly match the molded shape of the factory wiper cowl but will overlay nicely to create a nice capped appearance. 

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