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Page 2 of 5  ACC-821011  Polished Dash Gage Trim Set



Installing the Sleeves

1.  Now remove the five vinyl chrome Sleeves from their wrapper.  There should be one large one for the center dash gage and four smaller ones for the four outer dash gages.

2.  Without removing the backing on these sleeves, position one on the gage bottom shelf.  Take your time to see how the piece is designed to fit.  The edges of this half circle sleeve should come up half way to the center of the gage.  See photos included.  Once you are completely comfortable with how it fits you may remove the backing on the first sleeve.

3.  Very carefully position it into place as you did during your practice run.  Once you are comfortable with the position just lightly set if on the gage shelf.  Make any final tiny adjustments.  Once it is exactly where you want it press down firmly along the entire chrome vinyl sleeve to get a good bond.

4.  You may even want to stick pieces of masking tape over the Sleeve holding it tightly to the gage glass and dash sides so it doesn't pull or curl up. 
Leave it overnight for a tight fit. Then remove the masking tape. Clean the area with rubbing alcohol.


5.  Let the whole Dash dry and set overnight then remove any masking tape.






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