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PART # ACC-822025  Generation 2



Parts Included:  2 x Large A Arm Covers L & R;   2 x Small A-Arm Covers L & R;    2 x  Stainless Slit Tubes; 
2 x Chrome Vinyl Molding Strips, 2 x Packet of Promoter  and  1 x Tube of Clear Silicone.  


All Metal Pieces have a clear protective liner do not remove until installation is complete.


IMPORTANT:  Read ALL instructions first before starting. 

Before permanently mounting check the fit of the upper and lower A-Arm Covers. If you choose you may mould or slightly bend covers by hand in order to achieve a custom fit.  Once installed the A-Arm covers will have about 1/4 inch gap along each edge.  For specific engineering reasons it is not designed to fit snug.


1.   Before you begin installation of the Upper A-Arm cover you must first apply the Chrome Trim Strip (provided) to the Inner Side of the actual A-Arm itself. 
First clean the area with Rubbing Alcohol thoroughly.
Next, apply a swipe of Adhesive Promoter (Small foil packet provided) first.  Then simply set the Chrome Trim Strip by removing the red release liner from the back of the Strip as you press it firmly in place. 
Make sure that the top of the Trim Strip if as flush with the top of the A-Arm (parallel to the ground).  This will create a small valley between the A-Arm and the Trim Strip due to the roll in the A-Arm, this is normal do not press this valley out, allow the Trim to remain vertical.  This piece will create a nice chrome finish to the Inner Side of the A-Arm.  Do this to the top side A-Arm on each side of car.



2.      Thoroughly clean A-Arms with soap and water to remove any dirt and grime then scrub everything down with rubbing alcohol. Let dry and then wipe off any and all residues with a clean cloth.

Start with the Lower A-Arm Covers: Your new covers are designed to set into position - although depending on the Prowler and the individual part the fit will be a little loose.  There is no problem with this simply center the piece on the A-Arm.  As mentioned before there will be a small gap between the edge of the cover and the A-Arm itself.

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