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  1. Once you have successfully installed the laminate you can begin to insert the chrome trim. Wipe and additional bead of adhesive promoter over and into the surrounding indent of the door panel. Starting at the bottom of the insert just over the door handle pockets insert the chrome trim into the indent as you pull the red release liner on the back of the trim as you go. Try not to stretch the molding at all as you insert it. As you approach the corners do not pull the liner. You will need to pre-bend the corners by holding the molding firmly with your thumb as you force the trim by packing the trim into the corner in order to compensate for possible shrinkage of the trim thru heat and time. Follow this procedure until you reach your start point. You should have a small excess of trim simply snip the excess with a pair of scissors just past the start point and force into place to create a nice butt seam. Press the entire trim firmly to set.


  1. Repeat process for opposite door.


Installing Trim Pieces:

Please Note: Interior vinyl surfaces that have been treated with any kind of silicone treatment such as Armor-All or Vinyl Brite will make it so that installation will not stick well and should be thoroughly with a cleaner such as rubbing alcohol.  


  1. IMPORTANT:  Clean door panel, Dash area, Door Speaker areas where you are going to mount the moldings with household rubbing alcohol and wipe off any and all residues.


  1. Letís start with the Speaker Circle perimeter.  Carefully wipe the exact area where the molding you are starting with is to be mounted with the adhesive promoter packet provided. Pay close attention into and around the indent surrounding the inset area.  Only wipe the area right before you are ready to mount the molding.


  1. Installing the chrome molding laminate: The area where you wiped will be sticky, try not to touch it.  Take the molding and peel back about 6 inches or so of the back liner exposing the sticky back side surface.  Always start at the bottom of the area you are going to put the trim around.  In this case start with the bottom center of the Speaker circle that the trim is going around.
  2. Put the end of the molding at the bottom center and hold it there.  While holding this down carefully work the molding around the perimeter of the round Door Speaker pulling the back side of the molding off as needed.  Move both hands following the molding around the Speaker.  Press the mounted are firmly as you go.
  3. Once you have gone all the way around the perimeter and meet up with where you started pause.  You will have more trim molding than you need.  You will need to trim it so that when you lay the end down to meet the beginning it will form a tight fit.  Lay the end down gently and carefully mark with a pen on the molding where you need to make your cut.  While the molding is mounted take a pair of scissors and cut the molding and lay the end down to meet the beginning.

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