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Parts included in this kit:
 (2) Mylar Silver Panels, (2) Door Panel Trim pieces,
(2) Door Speaker trim pieces, (2) Dash board trim pieces, (1) packet of adhesive promoter
, (1) Promoter pen


 Please Note: Door Panels that have been treated with any kind of silicone treatment such as Armor-All or Vinyl Brite will make it so that installation will not work and should not be attempted without thoroughly cleaning the area with a cleaner such as rubbing alcohol.   PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION RECOMMENDED.

Installing Door Silver Laminate Panels:


  1. Clean door panel area with household rubbing alcohol and wipe off any and all residues.


  1. Wipe entire area to be mounted with the adhesive promoter provided. Pay close attention into and around the indent surrounding the insert area.


  1. Installing the chrome laminate: This laminated section is a foil based Mylar that will allow itself to stretch and conform to the compound shape of the door panel. The nature of this material will not allow you to reposition it once it has been pressed on so you will only have one shot at placement.

    Follow the instructions CLOSELY

    Before removing the back liner position the laminate over the area you are going to put it on the door panel and make note of its position. Ideally it should have about an 1/8th of an inch gap around the entire area. However this panel can be trimmed if needed once installed.
    Once you have a good idea where to start the placement, remove the back liner from the entire laminate and gently tack into position. Holding the laminate firmly away from door panel with one hand rub the laminate working from the center outward toward the edges with your thumb of your other hand.
    Work the laminate outward avoiding air bubbles and creases. You can achieve this by proceeding slowly and keeping tension on the laminate and gently stretching it in the direction that you are pressing it down. As you approach the outer edges stretching and forming will become a little harder and will require the use of the plastic squeegee provided. Using the squeegee will also help work out any and all tiny creases you have created at the edges of the laminate.


  1. It is important that there be at least an 1/8th of an inch of door vinyl around the perimeter of the insert, so you may need to trim any excess laminate with an exacto knife being especially careful not to cut thru your door panel.

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