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PROWLER Stainless Steel Polished Center Dash Trim

PART#  ACC-PRCD907  (Polished)



      Parts included:                                                   

       1- Polished Large Center Oval Trim Ring,  2- Chrome vinyl side Strips, 1- Small Chrysler Wings Emblem.
       1- Adhesive Promoter Pen


  1. Clean existing Center Dash Gage area perimeter and the lines that run vertical off both sides of it; first with Rubbing Alcohol to remove any dirt then clean again with household Isopropyl Alcohol. Let dry.


  1. Without removing the rear red backing - Take your new Center Trim Ring and place it on top of your Prowlers Center Dash Oval with the gages in it.  Move it around until it is in a position where it looks best to you.  The idea here is for you to become familiar with its proper placement.  The Trim Ring should sit on top of the edge of the painted center Dash Oval. It will stick to this painted plastic not the black vinyl dash.
    Try to place the Trim Ring to the outer edge ensuring to position it so that it is center top to bottom and right to left.  It will take some practice tries.
    Once you attach the Dash Trim Ring you will not be able to move it again without damaging the adhesive back.
  2. Now take the small Chrysler wings emblem without removing the red backing.  Set in place on top of the Center Dash Trim Ring where the "wing" outline is.
    Once you feel comfortable with the position it is to be mounted, take your Adhesive Promoter (included) and wipe it across the wing outline on the Center Dash Trim Ring.
    Peel off the red backing from the wing emblem and set it in place.  Now press firmly along the entire surface of the wing emblem for a solid bond.  Put a weight on top of it for one hour until it is set firmly in place.


  1. Once you are satisfied with the position and fit of the Dash Trim Ring take the Promoter Pen included and moisten a line around the perimeter of the center painted dash.  
    This will help the tape stick to this surface tightly.
    Now remove the red liner from the attachment tape on the underside of the Trim Ring. Very carefully hold the Trim Ring over your cars Center Dash area.  You might want to use a helper to help tell you to position it correctly. When you are certain it is in the correct position - Press firmly to set.  Push firmly along the entire perimeter edge to ensure a tight bond.  It is best to let it set for 8 hours.  Do not disturb the trim or get it wet during this time.


  1. Now you can install the side Chrome vinyl strips.  Following the same procedures outlined in steps 1 through 3 above.  These Trim Strips butt up against the center on each side of the large Oval Trim piece. They will follow the Line in your dash.  The strips will bend around the corner of your dash.  Once you attach it you may want to tape it with some masking tape while it sets.  (See picture 2).

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