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Polished Engine Bay Support Bars

PART#  ACC-823007 

These custom bars are made of high quality 304 stainless hand polished to a beautiful finish. The bars have been designed to replace the factory bars and come to you with decorative hardware for that truly custom finish.



2 x  large chrome bolt caps

2 x  small chrome bolt caps

2 x   20 button head bolts

2 x   20 nuts

2 x   extra thick washers

2 x   6mm 1.0 x3/4 bolts

6 x   stainless flat washers
4 x   SS Engine Bay Bars


  1. Remove the two bolts securing the bars at the wiper cowl area.      NOTE: These will not be reused.
  2. Remove the two nuts atop the shock towers and set aside.
  3. Remove the two remaining bolts over the radiator area. NOTE: These will not be reused.
  4. You will notice that the new bars have an offset shape to them. Match each of the bars offset to the factory bars and set them to the factory position. Make sure that the oblong holes in each bar are set to the shock tower.
  5. You have been supplied with two button head stainless 20 bolts/nuts and four flat washers. Use this hardware to attach the bars at the wiper cowl area but do not tighten at this point. With the four bars emanating from the shock tower stud align the two front bars to the two holes at the front radiator area. Insert the two remaining 6mm bolts through the two stainless washers and bars and hand tighten them into the factory threaded hole.    NOTE: You have been supplied with two special thick washers to be used with our custom radiator cover. If you are not installing our custom radiator cover do use these washers.
  6.  Now that you have all four bars in place and all the hardware set in place you can now tighten the rear bolts as well as the front bolts leaving the center nut for last.
  7. You have been supplied with two large decorative chrome caps. Install these two caps over the shock tower nuts by applying a small dab of clear 100% silicone to the under side of the cap and then set in place. Make sure not to apply to much silicone as this will ooze out and make a mess. The two remaining caps will simply press onto the two front bolt heads.     

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