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PART#  ACC-821004

Parts:  2- Door Panel Large Trim Pieces, 2- Speaker Edge Small Trim Pieces, 2- Promoter Pens

Please Note: Interior vinyl surfaces that have been treated with any kind of silicone treatment such as Armor-All or Vinyl Brite will make it so that molding will not stick well and should be thoroughly cleaned with ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL found at (Walmart or any Hardware store).   


1.   IMPORTANT:  Thoroughly clean door panel and Door Speaker areas where you are going to mount the moldings with household rubbing alcohol and ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL then wipe off any and all residues.


2.   Let’s start with the Speaker Circle perimeter.  Carefully wipe the exact area where the molding you are starting with is to be mounted with the adhesive promoter packet provided. Pay close attention in and around the indent surrounding the inset area.  Only wipe the area right before you are ready to mount the molding.

3.   Put the end of the molding at the bottom center (so that the seam is at the bottom when you are finished) and hold it there pressing down for one full minute.  The while holding the molding down carefully work the molding around the perimeter of the round Door Speaker pulling the Red back side of the molding off as you press it down.  Move both hands following the molding around the Speaker.  Press the molding down firmly as you go.

4.   Once you have gone all the way around the perimeter and meet up with where you started - pause.  You will have more trim molding than you need.  You will need to trim it so that when you lay the end down to meet the beginning it will form a tight fit.  Lay the end down gently and carefully mark with a pen on the molding where you need to make your cut.  While the molding is mounted take a pair of scissors and cut the molding and lay the end down to meet the beginning. 



     5.   Repeat process for each Door Panel and
           Door Speaker.
Remember it is better to cut the molding a little too long than too short.  You can always trim it again if it is too long.
If your cut is a little too short you can work the molding by pulling and stretching it slightly to make up the difference.


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