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Prowler Engine High Polished Solid Stainless Steel 4-Cap Set

PART#  ACC-823004  



Included:  3 x stick on Polished stainless steel caps,  1 x Pressure Cap, 1 x Promoter packet  

1.  Take your Caps out of the wrapper.  Do not remove the back red tape covering.

2.  The three stick on Polished Caps are for the:  Oil filler cap, Power steering cap, and the Master Cylinder Cap.

3.  Take your time to wash each of the stock caps that are already on these components.  Use rubbing alcohol and ideally a thinner to remover any oil and dirt from these caps.

4.  Take your promoter packet and wipe the entire area on top of each of your stock existing caps.  Wipe thoroughly this is where you will attach each cap new Stainless Steel cap.  A clean surface that is thoroughly wiped down with the promoter provides a good grip for the new caps.


5.  Firmly press each of the three polished caps on top of your existing stock caps.  Before driving your Prowler let the new caps set over night to bond properly.

6.  You may even want to stick pieces of masking tape over each cap to ensure a firm stick. Then remove the masking tape. Clean the area with rubbing alcohol.

7.  Now you may the stock pressure cap and place the Polished Pressure Cap on your radiator water overflow box.  Be sure to screw it on tightly to ensure a good pressure fit.

Keep clean by wiping caps with an alcohol based cleaner like Windex.


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