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More new parts and services on the way....
Complete NEW Engine Dress-up Series
Show quality engine compartment components.  Absolutely beautiful! 

Where to buy: and

LED Lighting package
Light up underneath  your Prowler, or the wheel wells, engine compartment, or interior.

Used Parts Galore
 We carry a wide variety of Prowler used parts - just ask us.  We also will buy your spare parts.  (352) 688 8160 M-F
Door Window Regulator Repair Kits
Why spend over $400.00 on a window regulator when you can fix it for life?  
See them here:
Prowler Side Marker Lenses - Clear or Smoked     Clear Lenses on White housings or Dark Smoked Lenses on Black Housings


     New REAR Bumper Removal Panels out now!   Stainless steel panels includes -
     running lights, reverse lights , license plate light.

New Paintable Bumper Removal Fairings out now!   Shorter version.  Easier to mount.  Direct plug in turn signals.  Made of fiberglass and paintable.
New Bumper Removal Fairings out now!   Shorter version.  Easier to mount.  Direct plug in turn signals.
NOW Prowler Trailer Factory Style Hitches are BACK!    Same look, same fit, same size, same hardware, same spec's as the MOPAR original.
Prowler New Chrome Front Wheels available for a limited time.
We are now offering are own Prowler front fenders made of fiberglass.  You can't tell them from the original and they are half as much money!
See them here:
NEW -  Brake Caliper Covers for your Prowler in many colors with the Kat logo.
Check out our new front stainless steel grilles!
New Bumper Fairing Removal Kits. 
Removed your bumpers?  Add a stainless steel polished fairing which includes turn signal to cover the hole in your fender.
Our new Prowler Trailer hitch Deluxe Cover.
All stainless steel 3-D hitch cover.  Looks great!    Click here to see.
Prowler Drivers side - Seat Lowering Kit
Now Available.  Lowers your seat by 3 inches!  Watch our site.
  Prowler HALO Lights are now Available!  Cool glow lights highlight your head lights.
Click here to see.

  Prowler Invisible Front End Protection Kits now available:  Click Here.

  Protect your expensive paint job with these completely invisible high tech vinyl custom applications.  

  Prowler factory style mud flaps - Front & Rear  NOW Available Click here .
Prowler Hard Tops are now available!  The Prowler Store is offering Prowler Hard Tops. 
Prowler 97-02 Polished Stainless Steel Bumper Removal Fairings
These beautifully cover the two holes left in your side fenders after removing your front bumpers.
They are classy yet unobtrusive.  They look like they came with the car.  They also come with LED turn signal lights in each side.
Now available.
Prowler 97-02 Mid Hood Strong Arm Lift Kit
"Your Hood won't be sagging any more!"

You can mount the strong arm and keep your factory small lift arms.  The strong arm does not interfere with them.  In fact, it will preserve the life of your factory lift arms.  Or you can remove your lift arms and only have the strong arm it is your choice. 
Either way you hood won't be sagging any more!
MOPAR Performance Exhaust System for the Prowler...
has been discontinued by Chrysler.  However, is coming out with its own brand of Headers (long tube and short tube) and Performance Exhaust system which will be available in September of 2008.  If you purchase the Headers and the Exhaust System you will have a true high performance exhaust from the engine to the tail pipes!
Now Available for pre-orders!
Next product on the way
A Mirror polished stainless steel wheel saver.  This fits to the inside of your wheel diameter behind the spokes.  Brightens up your wheel appearance and helps stop rusting and peeling of your inner chrome wheel.  One per wheel. 
Part Kit split
Prowler 15 pc Interior Trim Kit will start being offered in small 1-4 piece part groups starting 22 March 2008.
Prowler Trailer progress. 
We have finished designing the frame, and axle assembly for our new Prowler Trailer that will be coming out early 2008.  The decision has been made to design the new trailer to use 17 inch Prowler original chrome wheels.  The trailer shell is still in design development but we hope to have a picture coming soon.
Prowler Fender Caps a big hit at the Dream Cruise event.
We are now offering our newest product the Prowler Fender Cap set see our Product Pages.
Prowler Dream Cruise Gathering
It was Roxann and my pleasure to meet so many nice Prowler enthusiasts at the Michigan Dream Cruise Event.  We had a great time talking to other Prowler owners and hearing their feedback on our company's Products and Service.  We pleased to hear all the good things our customers had to say.  We also enjoyed meeting new customers.
We had several ideas suggested to us on new products which we plan on seeing through over the next few months.
Prowler Chin Scratch Guard now available. 
Our customers have been asking for a sturdy heavy duty chin guard to prevent scratches when getting to close to parking bumpers and curbs.  it has been four months in development and now it is here.....see our Products Menu.

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