Your new trim part may NOT stick to the inside surfaces of your car!


SPECIAL PREPARATION INSTRUCTIONS  For mounting ALL Interior trim parts

In many situations interior panels and surfaces become saturated with silicone chemical such as Armor-All (even if done years ago), or other forms of residue.   Although this makes the door surface look nice these chemicals become embedded into the ABS plastic of your door panels or dashboard. These treatments must first be removed in order to prepare your surfaces to be bonded to.

This removal can take some doing in most cases, the best way we have found to remove these treatments is to apply several different solvents to break down these chemicals.

NOTE:  Apply this cleaning process to only the surface areas inside your vehicle where you will be sticking your new interior trim parts.

Included:  Stainless steel trim piece(s), one packet of promoter or promoter pen, one test kit

You may mount this trim inside or outside of your vehicle.  It will not rust or corrode.

1.  Clean the surface area with soap and water. 
  Next thoroughly scrub with rubbing alcohol to insure that there are not invisible oils on the surface.

2.  Now use the little red scrub pad (included with some parts) in your test kit and rough up the surface where you are going to mount your new trim piece.


3.  Take a piece of double sided tape out of the test kit if you have one.  If you do not have a test kit then you may use a piece of masking tape. Try sticking it to the surface area where you are going to mount your new trim piece. Try several areas.  If the test tape grabs and sticks to the surface area aggressively then you are ready to move the next step.  If it does not re-clean using a strong alcohol based cleaning solution and scrub vigorously.


4.  Now open the foil packet of promoter or promoter pen included.  You may use this clear solution without damaging your cars interior or exterior finish.  Be sure the temperature is within 60 - 85 degrees F.  Take the moist pad out and wipe down the are where you are going to mount the trim piece. Let dry for two minutes.


5.  Take your trim part and hold it up to the area where you want to mount it.  (If your part is metal and fits on a curved surface - You may need to gently bend the part with your hands to conform exactly to the shape of the mounting surface.)  Hold it up to the mounting surface and ensure it conforms exactly to the shape where you are going to mount it.


6.  Once you are sure the shape is correct you are ready to mount the trim piece then - Peel the red backing off your trim part.  Very gently set it in place.  Make any tiny adjustments and then push down firmly along the entire surface of the trim piece.

7.  Let set over night Before getting it wet.


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