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Prowler Chrome trimmed Grill©
PART#  BK-TPS001C or G


               Parts Included: 17  x  Individual hand-worked Pre-sized and cut Vinyl flexible Chrome strips

1.   BEFORE you begin ensure that the 17 chrome strips are arranged by size.  Each strip has a tag on it.  The largest strip is marked “T” meaning Top.  Each of the other strips are marked one down from the top.  For example; T-1 is one down from the top (T), T-2 is two louvers from the top (T) louver and so on. 
Note:  Be careful not to bend the strips sharply or at right angles or they might crease


2.   Wash your Prowlers grill thoroughly before you begin installation.  Let it dry completely.
Wipe each grille louver on your car with rubbing alcohol to remove any traces of oil (even figure oil).  Let dry.


3.   Before putting each trim piece on each louver over bend each end - bend along the wide side like it will be mounted (see Figure 3).  This will help to keep it on for the long run.


4.   Start at the Top Strip (T) of your Prowlers Grill with the louver that is lined up with the top of your headlights.  Start from one end of the louver and line the end corner of the “T” strip up with it.  Press the corner on to the lover.  Be sure that the end of the strip is lined up with the lover.  (See diagram)

Note:  If the sticker tags leave any residue on the chrome strips simply use a piece of paper towel to wipe it off.  You may have to rub or carefully use your finger nail to remove any glue if necessary.  You may also use rubbing alcohol.
  No glue is necessary to mount the chrome strips


5.  Once the strip is started slowly press the chrome strip on to the remaining louver until the entire strip is on and the ends are lined up with the louver ends.  Ideally you don’t want any of the louver front edge to be visible.  Each piece has been ‘pre-worked’ to make your job of working with it easier.  You can stretch and work with the strip somewhat to get it into position.
Note: It is best not to completely remove a strip once installed.  Although removing the strip will not damage your cars paint in any way, once you press the strip back on it might not stick as well.

6.  Now, take the next strip “T-1” and repeat the process.  Continue until all strips are installed.


If any questions occur during installation please contact us at:

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