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Prowler Stainless Steel Value Cover Letters
Part# ACC-823015

Parts included:  2 x Plates with Letters punched in them, 1 x Promoter packet.

1.  Wash the valve covers where your engine letters are with soap and water.  Let dry and rewash with thinner to remove any oils that may be on the engine letters.  This is important; the stainless steel letters will not bond well with any oil on the engine letters.

2.  Remove one of your metal letter plates from the plastic.  Push out the letters, they should come out easily.  You can take a tiny file to remove any tiny burs if any remain.  Be careful not to scratch the surface of the letter plate.

3.  Without removing the backing liner, hold the letter plate over the engine letters and set it down into position on top of them.  The engine letters should pop through the holes in the metal letter plate.  This trail run will help you become comfortable with how the piece is going to fit.  You may have to very slightly bend the plate to fit flush with the engine valve cover surface.

4.  Take the promoter packet. If it is a packet rip it open to expose the moisten wipe inside. If it is a pen, snap it in the center and press down firmly several times until the pen tip is moist.  Wipe the promoter all over the area where your surface of your new piece is going to stick.

5.  Peel the backing off the back of the metal letter plate. It is now ready to stick.

6.  Very carefully hold the letter plate in position over your engine letters. Then slowly guide it down until all the engine letters have popped through the letter holes.

7.  Press down firmly all over the surface of the letter plate, let set for 12 hours.

8.  Repeat this process with the reverse side letter plate.  

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