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Prowler Stainless Steel Rear-view Mirror Trim with Cat
PART# ACC-821009



Parts included:  Prowler Rear-view Mirror trim frame


1.  Begin by washing your Rear-view mirror with a good glass cleaner. Be sure to get the outer edges of the glass, this is where you will attach the frame.
2.  Hold the Trim Frame up to the Rear-view mirror and position it so that the entire trim ring lies on the mirror glass.  You may have to gently and slightly bend the Trim Frame to get it to fit your mirror.  This piece was designed for the Prowler original stock mirror.  If you have an after market mirror it may not fit.

3.  Once complete take the Trim Frame and remove the Red backing on the back.

4.  Now take the mirror Trim Frame and place it on the glass on the outside perimeter, just like you did on the trail run.


Warning:  The back of this Trim Frame is a permanent stick tape. You will not be able to move the Trim Frame once you set it against the glass. Be sure it is perfectly lined up.  Press down gently at first you might be able to move it ever so slightly if you need to. Now press firmly all over the entire frame.  You can use masking tape around the edges to keep it down on the glass if necessary.  Let it sit for 8 hours to bond.


Be sure to immediately wipe away any excess Promoter using a small patch of Rubbing Alcohol.

      5.  After the drying period remove the masking tape. Clean the Stainless Steel Trim Frame again with Rubbing Alcohol to remove any residue.


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