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PROWLER Perforated Exhaust Tip Inserts©

PART#  ACC-822004  and  ACC-822060



      Parts included:  2 x Polished Stainless Steel Exhaust Tip Inserts and 1  small tube of heat resistant silicone adhesive     Need:  1  x Piece of coarse sand paper,   


  1. Clean the area where the exhaust tips are going to mount first with soap and water to remove any dirt then with household Isopropyl Alcohol. Let dry.
  2. Take some coarse sand paper and rough up the back of the Insert Tips.  Then do the same with the exhaust seat on your stock tips where you will be placing the silicone bead.  This will allow a firm bond.   
  3. Take your exhaust Insert one at a time and set them into the area at the exhaust tip to see how it will mount. Once you are comfortable with how it will fit you are ready to mount them.
  4.  Take a tube of High Heat silicone adhesive sealant (included) and apply a thick 1/4 inch bead of silicone around on the inside perimeter on your carís exhaust tip.  Now seat each insert on your cars exhaust tip where your new inserts should mount.  You should use a fairly a liberal amount.  On the ACC-822060 Star Design after you apply the silicon you will push the star design into the exhaust tip.  The outer tips will automatically bend in place.


  5. Take your new exhaust inserts and mount them one at a time.  Directly after you mount them push firmly to ensure they are seated properly.  Take a clean soft cloth and wipe away the excess silicone. Then wipe the face of the inserts with a clear solvent such as thinner, gasoline ect.     Let dry for 24 hours before starting the car engine.


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