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PROWLER Heavy Duty Lift Arm

PART#  ACC-823020


Parts included:                                                   

1- Lift Arm
1- Lower Ball head bolt (with large washer and hex nut)
1- Upper Ball head bolt
2- Allen Screws with an Allen wrench (some kits will have regular head screws instead of Allen's)
1- Top anchor assembly (two sides and one block in the middle)



Finally an answer to the heavy hood problem for the Plymouth prowler. This new and simple to install kit has been designed to be added to the factory hood lift arms preserving the lifespan of the original equipment as it creates a very stable open hood.

1.  Locate the steel bracket on the driver's side that currently secures the factory hood prop and support rails. Take a look at the face of this bracket and mark the direct center with a marker. Drill a 5/16 hole directly in the center of the factory bracket or adjust to make sure that the hood engine bars do not interfere.  Now bolt on the pivot ball at the end of your new prop.  The hole MUST be this diameter.  (See picture 6 below).

You will notice that the new prop contains two of these pivot bolts.  You will use the one pivot bolt that is attached to rod end of the new prop. The two pivot bolts are different so make sure you use rod one at the bracket location.

2.  Remove the attachment block from the new prop. Unscrew the side of the block using the Allen key provided and insert the block into the in switch bracket attached to the hood . Reinstall the blocks side.  Place the blocks other side plate into the hood bracket and align the holes. Insert the reaming pivot bolt and tighten nice and tight.

3.  With the two pivot bolt in place simply attach the new prop with the body of the prop towards the hood bracket to finish the installation

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