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PROWLER Bumper Light Bezels 2pc or 4pc

PART#  ACC-822012-4pc  or  ACC822012-2pc  (Polished)



      Parts included Base on a two set or a four set:                                                        

       2 or 4 - Polished Speaker Light Bezels,  1 x Adhesive Promoter Pen(s)


  1. Clean existing Bumper Light areas first with soap and water to remove any dirt then with household Isopropyl Alcohol. Let dry.
  2. Without removing the backing from your new parts - Take your Light Trim Bezels one at a time, and hold them up to each Bumper Light.  Line them up with the screws on the sides of each light.  Position them so that you feel comfortable with how they are going to mount.     
  3. Once you are comfortable with the fit - peel the back off your first Light Trim Bezel.  Position it slight over the top of the first bumper light without touching it to the light.  Carefully set the trim bezel on top of the light like you did during your practice run.

    NOTE:  It is difficult to move the Trim Bezel once you attach it to the light lens.  Be sure to position it correctly the first time you install it.

    NOTE:  Each Light Trim Bezel is universal.  They will each fit any of your bumper lights.  See which one fits best to each light and use them on that light.
  4. Once you have mounted the Light Trim Bezel press it firmly along the entire area from top to bottom and them from Left to Right.  Let set over night.


Clean using a clean cloth and good quality glass cleaner.

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