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PROWLER Rear Speaker Trim Ring

PART#  ACC-821015  (Polished)



      Parts included:                                                   

       1 x Polished Speaker Trim Ring,  1 x Adhesive Promoter Packet


  1. Clean existing rear Speaker area first with soap and water to remove any dirt then with household Isopropyl Alcohol. Let dry.


  1. Take your new Rear Speaker Trim Ring and place it on top of your Prowlers existing Speaker.  Move it around until it is in a position where it looks best to you.  The idea here is for you to become familiar with its proper placement. 
    Once you attach the Rear Speaker Trim Ring you will not be able to move it again without damaging the adhesive back.


  1. Once you are satisfied with the fit remove the red liner from the attachment tape on the underside of the Trim Ring. Very carefully hold the Trim Ring over your cars rear speaker.  When you are certain it is in the correct position - Press firmly to set.  Push firmly along the entire perimeter edge to ensure a tight bond.  It is best to let it set for 8 hours.  Do not get it wet during this time.

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