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PROWLER Door Panels

PART#  AP-DOORPAN- (Painted or Primed)



PARTS INCLUDED:    2  x Fiberglass door panels;  2 x Promotor packets;  1 x Tape Tester Strip


1.  Clean the entire surface of the door panel where you are going to mount the fiberglass panel thoroughly with Isopropyl alcohol (found at any hardware department).
Scrub vigorously particularly if you have ever used any Protectant such as Armor-all on your interior.  The automotive tape will not stick unless all oils are removed everywhere!


2.  Take the tape tester strip included or a piece of masking tape and remove the backing.  Stick the half of the tape down on various places around the interior door surface to see if it will stick.  If it does not then re-do step 1. above.  If you have a good surface for sticking proceed to step 3 below.


3.  Without removing the tape backing on your new door panels, hold them in position to ensure you get a good feel of how they will fit.  Once you stick the panel on you will not want to remove it or you will compromise the tape adhesive. 


4.  Once you are comfortable with the fit.  Remove the tape backings.  Hold the panel in position about a half inch from the door.  Check to be sure it is in perfect alignment.  Then push the panel on gently.  Check alignment once again.  Make any tiny adjustments.  Now push hard all over the surface to ensure a tight fit.  Let sit for 24 hours.


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