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Prowler Inner Wheel Savers

PART#  ACC-822030



Included2 x Brushed Stainless Wheel Savers,  2 x Adhesive Promoter Packs,  1 x Replacement Attachment Tape

Finally an esthetic cure for the Prowler rear wheel problem, for years Prowler owners have had to deal with the rear wheels pitting and peeling
on the rim in back of the spokes. Now you can beautifully seal this area with our stainless steel band permanently eliminating the unsightly deteriorating chrome finish.


NOTE:  Your new cover comes to you with a clear protective liner.  Do not remove liner until prompted to by instructions.

1.  Jack up the rear of your Prowler and set it on a pair of jack stands for safety.

Remove the rear wheels.

3.  If your wheels are fitted with stick on balancing weights mark the location of the center of each of these weights at the spokes with a grease pencil or washable marker.  This will allow you to put them back in the same spot - but on top of the Wheel Saver.

Using a putty knife and pry the weights off.  They will come off easily. You have been supplied with some replacement attachment tape for these weights. Simply roll the original adhesive off completely with your fingers and apply some adhesive promoter (provided) and then re-apply the attachment tape on to the back of each balancing weight.  When directed to - reinstall the weights at the marked location after installation of the savers is complete directly on the saver.
NOTE:  It is very important to use the adhesive promoter (packets included) to insure a good permanent bond of the weights, so be sure to apply it not only to the weight but to the saver surface where you plan on putting the weights back as well.

4.  With the weights removed scrub the inner wheel with alcohol to remove any and all oil and dirt. Then swipe the entire area where the wheel weights will be mounted on the Wheel Saver with the adhesive promoter (packets provided). Let sit until instructed to continue this part.


5.  Now, set the wheel saver in position into the wheel and check the fit. A properly fitted saver will have little or no gap at the seam where the two ends come together exactly.
NOTE:  It looks best if you put the seam behind a spoke in the wheel see photo bottom right. 
It may take a little force to make sure that the saver is completely expanded to the rim. Now that you have checked the fit and familiarized yourself with just how it sets in place you can begin the permanent installation.

Peel back a small portion (about three inches) of the red liner on your wheel covers and fold it over to the side in such way as to allow you to pull the liner off slowly as you mount the liner to the wheel. Place the entire Wheel Saver back into the wheel and position the liner perfectly how it will be mounted.
NOTE:  It is important to keep the Wheel Saver lined up so that when the ends meet at the seam they match perfectly.
While the Wheel Saver is inside the wheel - Pull the red liner slowly being careful not to allow the liner to tear as your pulling it or allowing it
to touch the wheel surfaces where it stick in place before you line it up properly. Pull the liner continually all the way around to the start point
so that it is removed completely.  Now press firmly along the perimeter to set the Wheel Saver to the inner wheel.

6.  Peel off the clear protective liner. Then finally reposition the wheel weights (where you marked their position) and press firmly to set.
You may now re-install the wheel.

7.  Now take your wheel weights and peel off the tape on the back of them.  Stick on the new tape provided and place on the wheel saver where you put your mark on the side of the wheel.  See photo middle right.

8.  Repeat process for each wheel.

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