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Prowler Rear Bumper Fairing Polished 2Pc

Part #822057



    1 x stainless Tag frame

    1 x illuminated tag back

    2 x Illuminated filler inserts

    2 x 6mm bolts

    2 x Chrome bolt caps

    2 x 6MM nuts

    9 x red but connectors

    1 x Yellow but connector

    1 x blue butt connector

    4 x 24 lengths of red and black hook up wire



Above photos - A & B Red LED running lights, C White License Plate Light, White Reverse Light (comes on only in reverse).   

PROTECTIVE LINER INFORMATION:  Your new accessories will come to you with a protective surface liner. Leave this liner in place until the installation is complete to prevent finger prints and/or possible scratches during installation. 

After you have removed your factory bumpers and disconnected the electrical harness you will need to create a new electrical harness to illuminate the new tag back and the two filler inserts.

1.       Using one of the two connectors from the factory bumpers cut the quick connector off the harness and strip the three wires casing off about a quarter inch. You will notice three colors of wire. Black = ground /  Purple and black = back up light positive / yellow and black = parking light positive connect the black color  leg of the four wires provided to the black lead wire from the factory harness with the yellow but connector provided. Then connect three of the wires red color leg to the yellow and black lead wire using a yellow but connector and the remaining wire red leg to the purple wire lead using a red but connector.  Once you have finished creating the four wire harness wrought each of the wires to their correct locations. Your Prowler should have two small factory holes behind the tag area. Wrought the wire for the backup light and the tag light through these holes and the two remaining wires out to the sides to service the two new inserts. See diagram below


2.        Starting with the tag back connect the correct wires to each of the two leads behind the tag back with the four red but connectors provided and then install the tag back along with your tag and the stainless steel frame using the two 6MM stainless bolts provided. Then push on the two decorative chrome bolt covers to finish this part of the installation.

3.       Make the remaining connections for each of the two inserts with the remaining red but connectors.

4.       Your new inserts come to you flat so you will need to bend the two tabs along the perforated lines not quite at 90 degrees to form the insert and prepare it to be installed. See pick 1&2


1 2

5.       Once you have formed the tabs you are ready to insert them. You will notice that the Prowler has two factory threaded studs bolted to the rear frame rail. Do not take the nut off those bolts. You will also notice a thin aluminum support bracket that is bolted to the body's corner section. Remove the nut securing the bracket and then twist the bracket back towards the front of the car and out of the way. (Note: you will not reuse these factory nuts) ( tech note: because the factory nuts are lock nuts removing it may be a little difficult and sometimes what might happen is that the stud anchored to the body will come out of the body. If this occurs you will need to clamp the stud with a vise grip release the nut from the anchor and then reinsert the anchor into the body)  Remove the protective blue liner and then slide the insert point side first into and behind the body and work the two notches of the insert over the two factory  studs. Gently pull the body outwards so as to allow you to slide the insert just under the the body's edge then manipulate the other tabs hole over the body's threaded stud. At this point you will most likely need to tweak the shape on the long rolled point so that it contours to the body nicely. Once you are satisfied with the fitment swing the body bracket back over the body stud and secure it using one of the two 6MM nuts provided. Be careful not to over tighten this nut as it may cause the anchor to strip in the body. Just snug will work perfect. Repeat the same procedure for the opposite side to finish the installation.