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PART #ACC-822053




1 x  Driver Side Turn Signal Fairing

1 x  Passenger Side Turn Signal Fairing

2 x  Wire Harnesses with bulbs

4 x  3/8” X 1” Bolts

4 x  Fender Washers 3/8" x 1.5"
4 x  Lock Washers

4 x  3/8" Nuts
2 x  Optional Trim Rings


This kit has been designed to be used as a replacement turn signal housing for the removal of the factory front bumper (Plug and play).


1.   Place the turn signal fairing into the opening created after the front bumpers have been removed.  Be careful not to damage your paint as you do this.  Take a few minutes to inspect the fitment and make any adjustments at the rear corner by hand so that the curve at this area matches the opening’s shape.  Also make note of the position of the fairing at the main frame to see if any adjustments may be necessary of the main fairing mounting tab.  This tab contains two large holes.  The size of these holes should allow you to position the fairing at just the right angle and position for the body.


2.   Now that you have a good idea about how the fairing is intended to set in place, you can go ahead with its attachment.  Your kit has come to you with a replacement factory wire harness for the signal light itself.  Connect the harness quick connect plug in to the vehicles receiving end to complete the circuit.  With the help of a friend, hold the unit in just the right position as your friend installs the two nut bolts with the large washers and tighten securely.  The washer will be used in the front side over the large tab holes and will work great to secure the unit in just the right spot.

3.   Repeat the same process for the opposite side. 


Note:  For a video of the installation - See our website page:  (it is a stainless model but install is the same).




Optional Polished Stainless Steel Trim Rings
 This is an optional Trim Ring that goes around the light fixture.
 First prep and paint your fairings.  Once completed then you may install this trim ring if you wish.


 1.   Clean with rubbing alcohol to remove any oils including finger oil.

 2.  Once cleaned take a piece of masking tape and stick to the area where you are going to mount your trim ring.  If it sticks proceed to step 3 if not go back to step 1.

 3.  Take the stainless steel trim ring and (without removing its back liner exposing the tape) set it on the area where you are going to mount it.  See how it will fit.  The wide side of the trim ring goes towards the outside of the fairing.
You will need to slightly shape the trim ring to the curves of the fairing.  Just bend it slightly with your fingers.  Try it.  It should sit along the curves of the fairing without forcing it - it is trial and error.

 4.  Once the trim ring is formed to the curves of the fairing then remove the back liner exposing the taped back.  Carefully set the trim ring in place.  Check for properly placement - make any final little adjustments.
Now firmly press down all along the trim ring to secure it to the painted surface of the fairing. 

 5.  Remove the plastic liner film on top the trim rings. 

6.  Repeat the same process for the opposite side.