Prowler I-Phone Covers
Part #  ACC-822033


Installation Instructions:
1.  First clean the back and front surfaces of you phone thoroughly.  Put Windex or rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth (not directly on the phone) and wipe clean.
2.  Take the front cover and without taking the backing off, set it on your phone and ensure it lines up and fits properly.  Be sure the cut outs line up correctly.  You may use the circle button cut out to mount on top of your round button or not - it's optional.

3.  Once you are satisfied with the fitment peel off the red liner exposing the sticky take.  Carefully line up the cover with your phone face.  Gently set the stainless steel cover with sticky side down on your phone.  Make any last fine adjustments.  Then press the top firmly all across its surface to ensure a good bond.

4.  Repeat this process for the back side cover.

Questions?     352 688 8160 M-F

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