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Prowler Fender Marker Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Emblem
Set of 2

PART#  ACC-822032   



Included:  2 x Stainless Steel Oval Side Marker Covers, 1 x promoter packet  

1.  Wash you’re Side Marker Lights on your fenders with Rubbing Alcohol.  This will remove all the oil on the surface. Be sure to clean every nook and cranny around the area so that your Trim Plate can get a good adhesive grip.

2.  Take Trim Oval Covers and put it up to you’re Side marker light.  Center the Cover in the center of the Marker light.  You will see a little bit of Marker light around the exterior of the Cover.  Position it as you want to permanently mount it. 
NOTE:  You may want to slightly bend the stainless oval covers to match the slight bend in your marker lights. 

Once you are comfortable with exactly how it will fit you may take the red backing off the back side exposing the sticky tape.

3.  Take your promoter packet and wipe the entire area where your Trim Plates are going to attach.

4.  Very carefully re-position the Trim Oval Covers in place without touching it against the Side marker light.  Once you are certain that is where you want it - lightly set it against the marker side light. Make any final tiny adjustments.  Once this is done, press on the Trim Oval Cover firmly.  With your fingers press all around the surface of the Trim Oval Cover to ensure it is sticking everywhere it touches the dash.

5.  Do the same to procedure to the other side.  Clean the area with rubbing alcohol. 



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