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Prowler Stainless Steel Polished Dash Gage Trim Set©

PART#  ACC-821011-6pc  



Included:  5 x Dash Gage Trim Rings (1 large and 4 medium),  1 x Tachometer Trim Ring,  1 x Adhesive promoter pen,   5 x Circle stickers with black edge.    

1.  Take your Trim Rings out of the wrapper.  Do not remove the back red tape covering.
2.  Wash Center Dash Gage Plexiglas faces and your Tachometer with soap and water.  Rise thoroughly and dry.


3. Take your sheet of Black circle stickers and peel off a small one. You are going to mount this sticker on top of the Gage Plexiglas face of each of your gages and the tach gage.  You have to be very careful to center the sticker. Once you have positioned into place press down on the center and work your way out to the edges.
Once the sticker is flat on the glass (donít worry if part of the sticker is up on the side the dash itself) peel off the clear protective sheet.  What will be left is the black trim sticker around the perimeter of the gage glass.  NOTE:  The purpose of this is to hide any light escaping behind the stainless trim ring at night.

NOTE:  These stickers are optional. Your metal Dash rings are slightly smaller than your gages, so not to damage your dash when mounting them.  The black sticker trim rings hide the tiny amount of glass the metal rings leave exposed on the outside diameter

4.  Take a Trim Ring for one of the five Dash Gage dials and put it up to glass gage. Position it as you want to permanently mount it.  Once you are comfortable with exactly how it will fit you may take the red backing off the back side exposing the sticky tape.

5.  Take your promoter pen and wipe the perimeter of your gage glass where the Trim Ring is going to attach. 
NOTE: If you used the Sticker option do not use the promoter on top of the stickers.


6.  The back removed and the sticky backside of the trim ring exposed - Very carefully re-position the Trim Ring in place lightly touching it the perimeter of the gage glass circle.  Make any final tiny adjustments.  NOW - Once you are certain that is where you want it Trim Ring push firmly along the entire ring to seat it in place

7.  Wait 12 hours to dry and set and then - Clean the area with rubbing alcohol.

8.  Install the remaining four dash Trim Rings plus on the tachometer Trim Ring as explained above.


Prowler Stainless Steel Dash Gage Trim Ring Set©

PART#  ACC-821011-6pc   



Snap Promoter Pen to break ampoule inside         
Carefully apply the Promoter Pen around the entire perimeter of the gages.


 Take your circle stickers and one at a time carefully center them on the gage glass.


Use an exact-o knife to help guide the sticker into position.

Once you are comfortable with the position of the circle sticker press firmly around the entire perimeter.

Once circle sticker is firmly in place cut a small hole near the center and pull off the outer film cover. 
 This will leave only the thin black boarder.

Take your metal gage ring and peel off the back film to expose the sticky tape.
 Center carefully and once in position press firmly down along the entire ring. 


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