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Prowler Dash Trim Kit - 4 pc set - Poly-Flex Chrome Molding

PART#  ACC-821007 



1 x  trim piece for around the perimeter of the instrument panel.
1 x  trim piece for around the perimeter of the  lower center a/c and music control panel.
2 x  trim pieces for either side of the top instrument panel.

2 x  Promoter Pens
1 x  Tape Test Kit

1.  You must wash and scrub your interior surfaces where you will be mounting the molding trim.  Use a rubbing alcohol or better yet a isopropanol solution (found at any hardware store) and test it BEFORE  you mount any molding trim. 
To do this you must wash the areas on your dash as described above.  Let dry.


2.  IMPORTANT - Now you must test the adhesion of the surface of your dash.  Take a piece of the test tape or a masking tape and stick it on your dash area will you will be mounting the trim molding.  Try it in several places.  If the test tape sticks readily then go to the next step.  If it does not DO NOT MOUNT IT YET - re-clean until it does.


3.  Now without removing the red back liner of the molding, hold each piece up to where it will be mounting.  Make sure it is the right length.  If it is a little long you may have to trim it with scissors.  This will give you a test run at seeing how it fits.

4.  Once you are comfortable with the fit the take your first trim piece that goes around the dash panel oval.  Peel back about 8 inches of the back red liner exposing the taped back of the chrome molding.  Start in a place where the seam will be less noticeable such as the very bottom center.  Hold the start place with your fingers and begin slowly mounting it around the center dash gage plate.  Pull off more liner as you go.  Press it on firmly as you go.  Try not to remove the molding once pressed on.  Once you come around the start point you will want to butt the end up tightly to the beginning.  You may have to stretch or cut the trim to size.

5.  Follow this procedure on the remaining three pieces.  



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