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PROWLER Polished 5pc Gauge Sleeves

PART#  ACC-PRGT905-1/ 821012



      Parts included:                                                   

       4 x ABS Small Chrome Gauge Sleeves,  1x ABS Large Chrome Gauge Sleeve, 1-Adhesive Promoter Packet


Liner info;


1.  Thoroughly scrub clean the lower openings of all five gauges with alcohol. Then swipe these areas with the adhesive prompter (packet provided).


2.  Before you stick any of the inserts place them into position to get acquainted with their intended positions and hold each one in place.  Mark the insert sleeve to the dash with a pencil or fine marker. This will help tremendously so you will know where to stick them when permanently installing the inserts.


3.  Using a household hair drier warm both the dash and each insert until they become very soft and pliable. Be careful not to overheat them or burn them as this will cause them to melt and ruin the insert. Warm them slowly and just enough so that they become extremely flexible.


4.  Now that you know how they will set in place and you have softened each insert carful and slowly set them into position setting each one to their marked position.
Set each insert at the very back against the gage and work your way out to the front for the best contour and gapless result.
Press firmly over the entire insert to make sure it is completely bonded leavening no air bubble and or gaps. You can use the heat gun should you feel the insert may need a little more pliability to allow you to set them perfectly.


5.  Wipe away your placement markings with the alcohol them remove the protective liner to finish the installation.  Let dry overnight.


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