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Chrysler emblems and medallions for resale are new or like new in condition -
Each emblem has had all its' tabs cut off and double sided professional car body molding tape attached
to the entire back side.  Simply peel and stick for a permanent mount.

Note: (Be very careful - once the tape touches your cars body surface it can not be moved.)

Part Number JU-1-05288694-AB                                    Part Number JU-5011-615AA                
                   Round Gold Chrysler Emblem                                   Oval Chrysler Emblem 2 3/4" X 1 15/16" X 1/8" high.     
2 1/2" diameter X 1/4" high.                                                                                             

                               Part Number JU-PSL-47VXTAA                                    Part Number PSL-76KS7AA                           
               Chrysler Prowler Hood Emblem                                  Plymouth Prowler Hood Emblem
                Stock Emblem 2001-2002                                          Stock Emblem 1996-2000

Part Number  JU-4805988AB
Straight Chrysler Wings Emblem (Large)

Straight Chrysler Wings Emblem (Large) 17 1/4" X 2 3/8" X 1/4" high.

Each Emblem's back is covered with double stick tape.
Simply peel off the red plastic liner and stick in place for a permanent bond.


As mounted on 2000 Black Prowler


Comparing CWE001 to CWE002 in size


Part Number CWE002
Chrysler new OEM Straight Wings Emblem. (Medium)

This chromed hard resin emblem measures 14 1/2 inches long and a height of 1 7/16
 inches through the center of the oval.

Blue in above photos is the tape tab to peel off.

Closer look at the center logo.

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