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Prowler Stainless Steel Rear Bumper "Prowler" letters Inserts

Parts:  ACC-822016-SM or ACC-822017-SM

Parts included:   1- set of letters spell “PROWLER” and/or 1-set of letters spell “PLYMOUTH”

  It is very important to follow every step without skipping anything. This will ensure that you mount your insert letters professionally. 

1.  Prepare the body surface thoroughly with soap and water.  Let dry.  Next wash the area with rubbing alcohol to remove any oily residues.
NOTE:  If you have used a protectant such as wax or Armor-All you will have to go through a more thorough cleaning process. 
After you clean and dry the surface test it by sticking a piece of masking tape to the area you plan on mounting the letters.  If it sticks then you are ready to move on, if not clean until it does stick.

2.  Take your template included and line it up where you intend to mount your emblem letters.  Once sure then tape the template to your body.  NOTE:  Do not remove the backing of the letters until instructed to do so.

You want to make sure each letter is formed to fit the exact shape of your cars surface. To hand bend each take the first letter and set it in its indented corresponding letter.  For example, start with the “P” in Prowler. Examine how it fits. You will need to carefully bend the letter by hand to match to any curve in your surface. You will do this by trail and error.   When finished each letter should lay on and conform to the bumper exactly.
Bend each letter in this manner.  
  If  you are mounting on a flat surface you may not need to bend letters at all.  Even on a curved surface the short letters may not require any bending.

3.  Now take out your Promoter Pen. Snap it sharply in the middle to break the glass ampoule inside.  Press the promoter pen inside the letters on the template where you are going to mount the new letters.

4.  Once you are satisfied with the fit you may remove the backing of the first letter and press it firmly into the proper place on the template.

5.  Now repeat this process for each letter.  It is important to get a good fit because the automotive tape will not hold over the long run unless the letters are bent to the contour of the bumper. 

Once you remove the tape clean the letters and bumper with a good glass cleaner.


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