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PROWLER Rocker Cover Clear Shields 4-pc Set

PART#  IH-PRCS-95 -4C 



      Parts included Base on a two set or a four set:                                                        

       2 x Drivers side rocker cover shields,     2 x Passenger side rocker cover shields

NOTE:  Do not remove the paper backing material from the clear shields until instructed to do so below.


  1. Clean rocker cover areas first with soap and water to remove any dirt then again with household Isopropyl Alcohol or Rubbing Alcohol.  Let dry.
    Take a piece of masking tape and test sticking it to the area on your rocker panels where you will be mounting the shields.  Test it on both sides in several places.  If the tape sticks readily you are ready to move to step 2, if not re-clean until it does.

  2. Hold the rocker cover shields on the rocker cover for each side to familiarize yourself with how it fits.                     .   
  3. Get an empty 32oz spray bottle and fill with warm water.  Add 2 drops of baby shampoo or dish soap and shake well.
  4. Spray the cleaned rocker cover surface until the water is "sheeting" (not beading).
  5. Take your first panel of clear shield and remove the backing.  Spray both sides with the soapy solution.
  6. Put your first panel on the car where it goes.  Maneuver slightly to the correct position. 
    Take the felt squeegee and smooth on so there are no air pockets or  bumps.
  7. Once each panel has been installed in this manner let driver let dry for 24 hours.


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