Guide Lines for installing Third Brake Light Assembly on to Prowler Trailer
NOTE:   Be very careful on your measurements.  Double check before drilling!  
Measure left to right, front to rear, (if you look where the Brake Lt is on the trunk of the car, its centered directly in the middle of the center wheel caps)
-do the same for the trailer

The "X" cross members (see photos) molded to the inside of the trailer trunk lid are very important.  You don't want to drill into them.  Drill outside the "X" brace (see photos).

You have to drill 5 holes in the top carefully positioning them to line up (not interfering with the "X" members  (4 holes for the red plastic dunce-cap type retainers just like the ones as the side marker light on the car)
The 5th hole will be for the power cord.

The WIRING HARNESS is under the floor carpet in the middle of the back (it has a total of 8 wires:
1 & 2)  Black /Yellow(trace) & Black > to Left side Marker Light
3 & 4)  Black /Yellow(trace) & Black > to Right side Marker Light
5, 6, 7)  Black/Yellow & Black , Red /Slate (BRAKE ) = Right Tail Light.
5, 6, & 8)   Same Black /Yellow &  Black + Green/Red (trace is for the Brake) > to the Left Tail Light.

R/SL= + VDC, G/R= + VDC, BLK/Y= + VDC