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Plymouth Prowler


This fan assembly is designed to be an exact slip on fit, same as the factory module.

You will notice that the fan connector on your new fan (2 way) does not match the connector on your vehicle (3 way).  The old fan was a two speed fan, and your new fan is a single speed with a higher CFM.  You will be eliminating the low speed fan relay wire and installing the included new connector. 


Peel back the convoluted tubing over your vehicle’s wire harness and locate the wire running to the center pin of the connector.  It should be a dark green wire.  Cut the wire about ½” down from the connector and terminate it accordingly. 


You should be left with a Black wire (Ground) and a Light Green wire (high speed relay).  Cut these wires ½” down from the connector as well.  Strip and then attach the new spade connectors included with your new fan.  These will push into the plastic connector and lock in. 

Be sure to orient them to match the connector on the fan module itselfBlack with Black and Light Green with Red.

Once your connector is completed attach it to the fan module and you’re installation is complete!