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Chrysler Crossfire Stainless Steel License Tag Frame and Plate 2pc

Included:  1 x Chrome metal license plate frame,   2x chrome caps,   2 x  screws, one brushed stainless steel back plate,   1 x packet of promoter

Wash the area where you will be mounting your new part carefully to remove any road grime and oils.  If your car has been waxed within the last six months it is best to clean the area with rubbing alcohol to remove it.  You will want to get a good bond when applying your new part.


Hold the part up to the area where it is to be mounted.  Move it around until you are satisfied that it fits properly.

Once you are comfortable with how it will fit open your packet of "Promoter", this is designed to prepare the surface for a strong bond.  Wipe the moistened pad over the area where the part will attach to the car.

Now peel the back off the automotive 3M tape to expose the sticky side.  Very carefully hold the back plate up to the license plate well on the back of your car without touching it to the body.  Adjust it so it will fit center and be lined up with the two screw holes in the top.


Press it on firmly, then press it down firmly all over the surface.
Now you can put the frame on.  Put the two screws into the plastic washers before you mount them.  Be sure to put your license plate tag on under your frame before you screw it down.


Once the frame is tightened down snap the chrome caps on top of the screw heads. 

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