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Chrysler Crossfire Stainless Steel Body Trim Kit - 8pc

Included:    2 x medium size trim strips for the rear bumper,  2 x each of: medium & one large, 1 x  very small trim strips for each side of the car,  1 x  packet of promoter  

  1. Inventory your set to make sure you all the pieces.
  2. Without removing the backing or plastic on the pieces hold each piece up to where it is to mount on your car to see how it fits.  Become comfortable with how each piece fits from end to end.
  3. Wash the area of your car where you will be mounting the trim pieces thoroughly.  We advise once washed and dried use alcohol on the same area to remove most of the wax and normal every day oils from the cars surface.  This will enable a better bond.
  4. Now take the packet of Promoter, rip it open and use the moistened toilet to wipe down the area you just prepared where the trim pieces will be mounted.
  5. Now take the piece you wish to start with and hold it up to where it is to be mounted one more time.  Are you comfortable with the fit?  If so remove the backing to expose the sticky tape on the back.
  6. Hold the piece in place just over where it is to be mounted without making contact with the car. Carefully maneuver into position. Gently set the piece down making contact the center first until the entire trim piece is touching the cars surface.  Do not push down. Make any tiny adjustments at this point. Once the trim piece is perfectly aligned press firmly on the center and press out towards each end until you have pressed down the entire length of the trim piece.  Your first piece is now mounted.
  7. Continue this process for the remaining pieces.  Let sit overnight before driving.


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