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6pc Front Control Arm Set    PART # ACC-822025    
Instructional Photographs
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Picture 21
This is  how the Lower A-Arm Cover will look once in place.

Picture 22  
It will fit "almost" touching the car fender.

Picture 23
Next install the Stainless Steel foil around the Top Stabilizer Arm.  This is the one at a 45 angle.

Picture 24
Take the foil piece and mark the center on both ends as shown.

Picture 25
Use a crayon of china marker so you can erase it after you're done.

Picture 26
Carefully peel back the back side.  Be careful not to crease
 the foil piece. 

Picture 27
Carefully place the Foil along the "TOP" of the Top Stabilizer Arm as shown.

Picture 28
Line it up so that the foil sits from the top to the bottom of the arm.

Picture 29
Now rest the foil on top of the arm.

Picture 30
Press along the length of the arm so the foil sticks to the top.

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