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6pc Front Control Arm Set    PART # ACC-822025  
Instructional Photographs
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Picture 1
Before we start - Factory A-Arm assembly.

Picture 2 
Masking tape the fender near the A-Arm to protect from scratching. 

Picture 3
Masking tape the wheel fender to protect from any scratching.

Picture 4
Start with "Lower Drivers side A-Arm cover". 

Picture 5
Slide the end cut out notch under the bolt as shown.

Picture 6
Begin to slide toward back of car.

Picture 7

Picture 8
Slide as far as it will go.

Picture 9
Here is the trickiest part of the whole assembly.  Press the fender
wall back in towards the car firmly as far as it will possibly go
and hold.  You may want someone else to do this while you
position the A-Arm cover.  Slide A-Arm cover over until it goes
inside the A-Arm cut out on the fender.
It is a tight fit but it will go in. 

Picture 10
Continue to slide the A-Arm cover back and over the original
A-Arm.  Pull the A-Arm cover as far back as it will go will clipped
to the front arm.

  The A-Arm covers are not designed to fit snuggly against
your original A-Arms.  There will be a gap as much as 3/8's of an
inch.  This will not effect the appearance or security of the A-Arm cover. 
It will stay firmly in place once silicone is applied. is a Hot Car Accessories, Inc. site

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