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Prowler Nose Chin Scratch Guard

PART#  ACC-822055



1  x  Stainless Steel Chin Guard

5  x  washer head style sheet metal screws

5  x  Flat nuts

1  x  packet of adhesive promoter 

The Prowler Chin Guard is an ingenious way for any prowler owner to protect the chin from rupture or abrasion do to Parking lot curbs and road debris.

1.  The first step will be to jack up the front of your prowler and set a jack stand for safety on each front wheel. Then prepare the painted surface under your chin by thoroughly scrubbing the chin area with alcohol to remove any and all road grime and dirt leaving a nice clean and smooth surface.
To test - Stick several lengths of masking tape to where you will be mounting your chin guard.  You want to see if the tape readily will stick to the painted surface.  If it does remove the masking tape and move the next step.  If it is not sticking well re-clean surface until it does.

2.   Your chin guard is designed to self-stick as well as screws. Before you go ahead and stick anything - set the part into position to familiarize yourself with just how it is intended to fit. The part will contour to the three dimensional shape of the prowlers chin and will require you to hand form the part in order to achieve this shape. Hold the part up to where it will mount.  It should fit snuggly along the body curves.  It not hand bend it until it does.


3.  Now open the packet of promoter you received with your part.  Take out the moistened towlette and wipe the entire area where you will be mounting your chin guard.  This clear liquid will not hurt your paint or your hands.  It simply prepares the surface for a good bond.

4.   Now that you have a good idea of how the part will fit simply peel the rear red release liner off.  Set the rear section right along the back edge of the chin (See Diagram B) and press firmly - ONLY along the back stainless strip - to set.  DO NOT attach the front stainless strip yet (See Diagram A). 
At this point the two outer edges will protrude out to the sides. This is normal. You have been supplied with 5 washer head screws as well as five flat nuts. Install the two inner back screws first (See Diagram D). Using a common hand drill simply install the two screws and place the flat nuts onto the end of the two screws behind the front chin area.

5.   The next step will be to force the two outer edges of the cover so that the seam between the outer and inner strips butt-up to each other (See Diagram A). 
Press very firmly to set the part to the chin and then install the next two back screws and flat nuts.

   At this point the cover should have a nice snug fit all around with the exception of the very front point of the cover. Typically there will be a small gap here with will be taken up by the last most forward screw and flat nut and is the final step for the installation.

       Diagram A                                                    Diagram B                                                    Diagram C


       Diagram D                                                    Diagram E 

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