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6pc Front Control Arm Set    PART # ACC-822025   
Instructional Photographs
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Picture 41
Keeping the seem facing up insert a bead of silicone into several places along the arm seem.

Picture 42
As shown...

Picture 43
Turn the Arm Cover over so that the seem is directly in the center at the bottom of the Arm.

Picture 44
Put a lump of silicone evenly spaced along the top of the
 Top A-Arm.

Picture 45
As shown...

Picture 46
Again as shown...

Picture 47
Set the appropriate A-Arm Cover on top of the cars

Picture 48
Position in place.  It is best to mount it as far forward as possible to avoid wheel strikes at extreme turns.

Picture 49
Then press down along the whole cover to seal it in place.

Picture 50
Should look like this when complete.

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