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APE-PHT010-UP Chrysler Plymouth Removable Hard Top (Not Painted)
with NEW upgraded window frame!

High quality light weight fiber glass hard top.  The top is beautiful.  Well engineered and expertly constructed by a company that specializes in high quality fiberglass parts in the USA.

Includes one hard top with rubber weather seals around door windows and a rubber seal wherever the top meets the car.   Interior black liner installed.  Window comes ready for easy mounting. 

No drilling - simply install this top in the same exact way you install your soft top.
Put the hard top on then take it off and your soft top will function just like before.

It fits the same way the convertible top fits.  Does not rattle or squeak like some tops. 
Two metal latches secure the top on to the front windshield frame and two adjustable metal pins secure the back side to the trunk deck. 
NOTE:  Size of double thick cardboard box container "specifically custom made" to hold the Hard Top without it being damaged..
With Top inside: 60" x 51" x 16" at 55lbs.
Pictures Show top after it has been painted:



Complete Finished Top.
Just needs paint prep & paint.

Comes - ready for finish prep & paint.
More Pictures of Hard Top - Click Here!

Pictures & Installation of Rear Window

How to Adjust Rear Pin Fitment


shown painted

With New improved Rear Window and frame shown.



15% Restock Fee on Returns
Return Policy

1-4 weeks*
Delivery time

based on the season
*Note:  Certain times of year it can take longer.  Call for the current delivery time.

If you are having trouble ordering online: Please call us at 352 688 8160

$ 399.00

60" x 51" x 16", 55lbs

**West coast states could be as much $125.00 more

Any additional required - Will be billed later.

Based on location.  Within the Continental US prices

We welcome our many Overseas Customers!
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IH-PHT-WS3 Chrysler Plymouth Removable Hard Top Weather Stripping
Replacement whether stripping

Choose which self adhesive whether stripping for your Prowler Hard Top you need. 

#WS2000  35"  x  1" D-Shape Door Windows
#WS2010  80"  x  3/4" D-Shape Trunk Deck and Front Windshield
#WS2020  50"  x  1/2" D-Shape Rear Window

Simply trim to exact size with razor knife.  Then peel and stick.


Replacement Weather Stripping

#WS2000  Top door window rubber weather strips

#WS2010  Trunk deck and windshield weather strips

#WS2020   Rear Window weather strip

$  22.95 and up
Choose Design



15% Restock Fee on Returns
Return Policy

1-2 Week Delivery

If you are having trouble ordering online: Please call us at 352 688 8160

$ 14.95


We welcome our many Overseas Customers!
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ACC-822050 Chrysler Plymouth Hard Top UPGRADE Rear Window with stainless steel frame Upgrade.
Upgrade window and frame.

Upgraded Tinted Lexan window and stainless steel smoked chrome frame.  Already assembled and finished this Inserts right into window cut out.  Easy installation. 
Lexan is scratch resistant and nearly unbreakable.  Same material used in race car windows.
Does not include a rear defroster.



Pictures & Installation Directions

$ 229.00

15% Restock Fee on Returns
Return Policy

1-2 weeks
Delivery Time

If you are having trouble ordering online: Please call us at 352 688 8160 

$ 24.95


We welcome our many Overseas Customers!
More Shipping Info
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APE-HTPIN Chrysler Plymouth Hard Top Rear Mounting Pin
Metal mounting pin for the Prowler Hard Top.  Includes one (1) pin.


How to Adjust Rear Pin Fitment


$  49.95 each

15% Restock Fee on Returns
Return Policy

1-2 weeks
Delivery Time

If you are having trouble ordering online: Please call us at 352 688 8160

$ 8.95


We welcome our many Overseas Customers!
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Hard tops are now being delivered worldwide.  Contact us at  or  call:  352 688 8160 M-F

Questions & Answers:
1.  Does the HT have the same latches as the convertible top?
They are very similar and secure the top to the windshield frame just as the convertible soft top is.

2.  Are the back pins adjustable?
Yes they are.

3.  Does the top have a interior liner?
Yes, it is black liner material.

4.  Does the back window have a defroster like the convertible top?
No it does not have a defroster.  It does have a tinted Lexan clear window. The material used in racing cars.

5.  Do you offer the Prowler Hard Top painted?
NO - sorry we do not. We recommend a local auto paint shop.

6.  Are these tops available elsewhere?
No, they are produced specifically for The Prowler Store.

7.  Can I return my top if I don't like it?
Yes, within 30 days.  There is a 15% restocking fee.  You must return the top to the address we will provide you in new undamaged condition.
You must insure the top for shipping so if it is damaged you are the insurance holder.
You are responsible for shipping it back to us.  The initial shipping you were charged is not refundable.

Lots more pictures Click Here

                     The Prowler Hard Top                                              The Plymouth Prowler Hard Top gives a retro classy look.

The Prowler Hardtop really sets off the Prowler!                              Own a Prowler Hard Top and watch all the admirers.

Our Prowler Hard Top is now ready to order.


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